TWS is a waste and recycling cost reduction company that partners with you to implement cost savings solutions that could save your organization hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars per year

What We Do

Total Waste Solutions (TWS) is a waste and recycling cost reduction service company. Waste disposal is a critical part of your organization, but you could be over charged or paying for service you don’t need.


That’s where TWS comes in. We will analyze if your waste disposal fees coincide with the amount of waste generated. We will audit your entire waste and recycling program and analyze where you can trim costs. We will determine if your company could increase its recycling efforts to reduce your environmental footprint and lower operating costs. Our assessment can save your organization money and increase your bottom line. Here's a few things to think about when considering our services:


  • Clients save on average of 42 percent per month
  • Only pay TWS if you see results
  • Guaranteed 10 percent savings
  • Personalized service
  • "Personalized service - we become your single point of contact for all things trash and recycling related.  No matter the time of day, or day of the week, we’re here to care for your disposal needs around the clock.”

Our Business

Total Waste Solutions combines over 25 years of industrial experience, national buying power and distinctive cost control technology to help keep control of waste expenses. As an Environmental Waste Solutions affiliate, we are trained and certified solid waste management consultants that pride ourselves on our personalized service. We guarantee results and won’t rest until we know your waste removal costs are streamlined as much as possible.


Total Waste Solutions has offices in two central locations, Watertown, Wis. and Oshkosh, Wis. to better serve you.



“TWS is a pleasure to work with and his detail oriented approach saves me a lot of money on an annual basis. Their word is golden and the follow through is awesome!” – Brad Kuenzi, Platinum Realtors


“They literally roll up their sleeves and jump right in. My employees referred to them as the dumpster divers. They came in to our business and showed us all of the areas that we could save money and protect our environment. We were all amazed at the results. We started saving on our monthly garbage pickup immediately. I highly recommend Total Waste Solutions.”  – Pete Berres, Berres Brother’s Coffee


"Total Waste Solutions delivers. That pretty much sums up my experience over the past four years of working with TWS. They are my single source for trash and recycling needs at all my commercial and residential properties. As one can imagine I deal with issues ranging from billing, container exchanges, missed pick ups due to weather or service provider SNAFUs and so on. In every single situation TWS has responded immediately and set out a plan of action that is executed. I managed these issues myself for over 20 years before TWS found me, and I am glad to have them. They are industry knowledgeable, hard working, personable and responsive. They are a fantastic advocate for getting me the best trash and recycling service at the the best price. I highly recommend them.”  – Bob Stein, Niet’s Property Management

Our Personal Touch

A big piece of our service is personalized service you can trust.  We become our customers' single point of contact for all things trash and recycling related.  We develop relationships that give us the feel that we’re actually employed by the customer.  We develop friendships with our clients - our relationships are very personalized and can go beyond numbers. This is a unique aspect of Total Waste Solutions that sets us apart and provides tremendous value to our client base.


The opportunity to save money is what attracts interest in our company. The actual cost savings is what makes customers happy.  But it's the ability to build a personal relationship that makes our business relationships so strong.


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